Jyoti Konchageri

Ms Jyothi Konchigeri

Assistant Teacher (B.A., B.Ed.)

Ms Jyothi joined the School from its inception in June 2017 and teaches Social Studies. She maintains the library as well. She comes with three years of experience in teaching.

Yallamma S Pujar

Ms Yellamma. S. Pujar

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

Ms Yellamma handles computer classes for the students. She comes with five years of experience in teaching profession.

Manjula H Hanganakatti

Ms Manjula Hangankatte

Assistant Teacher (B.A., B.Ed.)

Ms Manjula joined the School in June 2017. She is the Social Studies teacher for the students.

Reshma Narti

Ms Reshma Narhi

Assistant Teacher (B.Sc., B.Ed.)

Ms Reshma joined Sri Sathya Sai Vaniniketanam in June 2017. She teaches Science to the students and also trains them for march-past.

Ms Vijayalaxmi Nagawand

Assistant Teacher (B.Com.)

Ms Vijayalaxmi joined Sri Sathya Sai Vaniniketanam as a teacher for English and Social Science in June 2018. She says that she was mesmerized by the vibrations of the Campus which in some inexplicable way resonated with her own, from her very first day at the Campus.

Ms Sai Lakshmi Sivakoti

Assistant Teacher (MBA HR)

Ms Sai Lakshmi joined the School in August 2017 and teaches Mathematics.

Ms Yamuna Roogi

Assistant Teacher (M.Sc.)

Science and English are the areas of interest for Ms Yamuna and this is her scope of work. A School which operates on the bedrock of fostering goodness before greatness is the prime education that Ms Yamuna imbibed even before she began teaching the students in the Campus.

Ms Bharati Kurubett

Assistant Teacher (M.A., B.Ed.)

‘An environment charged with positivity goes a long way in illuminating not only its inmates but also its purlieus’, is a theory that became Ms Bharathi’s observation and later her experience at the School. She teaches Social Science and also supervises activities at the kitchen.

Parameshwar Shivakoti

Mr Sivakoti Parameswar Kumar

Estate Manager (MBA, PGDMM)

Mr Sivakoti joined the Campus in August 2017. He assists in the execution of site work and looks after the complete maintenance of the Campus. He exults in becoming a full-time worker in Bhagawan’s mission from a part time worker that he was before.

Parmila Sheshappanavar

Ms Pramila Sheshappanavar

Hostel Supervisor (M.A., M.Ed.)

Ms Pramila executes the overall supervision of the hostel facilities and ensures smooth functioning. She joined the Campus in June 2017.